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As one of my neighbors has recently chosen to take pictures of and publicize his pet peeve, dogs pooping on the sidewalk, I have finally decided to figure out how to upload pictures to highlight one of mine, people crapping all over the place. Here is a small sampling of the garbage I picked up - about 120 pieces - on the left side of the road and path on the 350 meter walk to my house of worship one morning, May 25, 2012 to be exact.  And just to be clear that this is not a long time accumulation, on June 17, I picked up 155 pieces more, on the same side of the same path.
Now I must admit my neighbors do many good things, and I do not want to leave people with the impression that they are all about themselves, because they aren't, but they seem to have this blind spot for garbage.  For my part, I was told this is the holy land, the gift of our Maker to our people.  People are somehow nuts about it and love to remind me how beautiful it is (just check out the picture on the right), but if I were given a Rolls Royce, and I had to appear before the giver of that auto every day, and asked him for all sorts of favors three times a day, I certainly wouldn't show up with a pile of candy wrappers and old soda bottles strewn about my unkept car.  We were given this land to take care of, to be a model unto the rest of the world.  That is what the 400 or so religious people on the top of this hill believe, and that is why I am so bothered by this mess.
This is not some secular city.  It is a small community, and the people here have good values and ethics and concern.  But you can also see a group of mothers in the playground with their kids, surrounded by filth, and doing nothing about it.
So excuse me if I don't get too exercised about a dog pooping when you, my neighbors, overlook the trash that you and your issue - arguably capable of a much higher level of training than a dog - allow to accumulate in our neighborhood, our supposedly idyllic little corner ofy the holy land.